ECHO: Hackathon Facilitators Online Guide Website

With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Enquirya and ECHO pilot project (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) work together in order to overcome the obstacles of lockdowns and physical distance. A lot of measures have been implemented and proven to be effective in providing an enjoyable online work environment that would allow ECHO partners to achieve their goals.

Nevertheless, online event formats like Ideathon and Hackathon are novelties for the majority of workers: is there a way to help them achieve an effective online event organization? To answer this question, Enquirya came up with the ECHO Facilitators Online Guide and Code of Conduct. 

The ECHO Facilitators Online Guide teaches facilitators to:

  • stay relevant– chair the event and avoid getting off topic,
  • be effective – know how to navigate group discussion,
  • master time management – ensure that the event flows accordingly to the agenda,
  • report results – make sure that results are shareable during plenary meetings,
  • listen to all participants – ensure a fair group discussion.

The ECHO Code of Conduct will ensure that Ideathon and Hackathon attendees maintain an appropriate behaviour in terms of:

  • respect – do not offend other participants,
  • openness – ensure inclusiveness, partnership and engagement,
  • privacy – do not share personal material or information of other participants,
  • meeting etiquette – camera and microphone must be turned off and ask for the floor by using online meeting platforms’ specific functions (e.g. “hand raise” function of Microsoft Teams).

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