ECHO: Online Hackathon Guide

With the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic and the impossibility of leaving one’s house, workers had to learn how to overcome the obstacles of distance and lockdowns. Working remotely from home surely changed the habits of millions, especially for people that are involve in transnational projects.

Within the ECHO pilot project (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations), we had to work our way to still achieve the effectiveness of Hackathons and Ideathons while giving up on physical proximity.

Here’s why we came up with a guide aimed at organizing an online hackathon or ideathon event: our first ECHO’s Online Hackathon Guide! 

Our ECHO Online Hackathon guide will provide the reader with three different toolkits and a Code of Conduct:

  • Before-the-event toolkit – about all the actions they have to take in order to be ready to host the actual event. 
  • During-the-event toolkit – how to host the event, to play their assigned roles and to monitor the hackathon’s flow.
  • After-the-event toolkit – about all the possible follow-up actions that they can take after the event takes place and how to handle them, in order to elaborate on the event.
  • Code of Conduct –a set of rules on event participation within the ECHO network, ensuring an effective, respectful and enjoyable interaction among participants.

Are you planning to have a hackathon or an ideathon but you haven’t wrapped up your mind on how to organize it yet?  Stay tuned! Our ECHO Online Hackathon Guide is not public yet, but it will soon be. We will keep you updated in our upcoming blogs.

Learn more about Enquirya’s involvement in the ECHO project: