Enhancing the effectiveness of CSDP

The Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme defined in 2014 funding for research in the field of conflict prevention and peace building. One of the three projects selected for funding has been the IECEU-project, aimed at researching the effectiveness of military and civilian crisis management operations (CMO’s) implemented within the framework of the European Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

The IECEU-research has been based on a conceptual framework, that both defined for CSDP crisis management operations six core capabilities (planning, operational, interoperability, competences, comprehensiveness and technology) as well as effectiveness.  Over a time span of 33 months, 8 case studies in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia have been reviewed, covering 12 CSDP crisis management operations. Additionally, research has been implemented within the EU’s institutions to review the effectiveness of the concepts pooling and sharing, civilian-military synergies and interoperability. This research has led to valuable insights on the effectiveness of CSDP CMO’s.

Now, at the start of 2018, this research is now at its final stages, with the delivery end of 2017 of the study on new approaches. This study combines all research efforts and translates them into findings and recommendations. The findings have been discussed in policy dialogues and meetings with stakeholders from member states, EU-institutions, international organisations and international NGO’s and reviewed and tested with desk research, online polls, panel meetings and interviews with key external stakeholders.

Key point of the researchers findings is that in order to have a real breakthrough in enhancing the effectiveness of CSDP crisis management operations, it is necessary to start thinking of the future of EU crisis management and conflict prevention out of the box. Two scenario’s are provided for the future development of EU action, i.e. (1) status quo plus and (2) supranational CSDP.

In addition, the researchers also call for the implementation of a mature evaluation system in order to make sure that lessons identified and learnt are also properly implemented in the phase of planning new missions and operations and that a loss of institutional memory due to the rotation cycles of mission staff can be avoided.

The report can be downloaded soon from the IECEU-website here.

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