Enquirya & Exercise Unified Response

The Enquirya disaster management evaluation software has been used in the UK’s Exercise Unified Response in London, a large scale and complex, live and command post exercise, which was held between 29 February 2016 and 3 March 2016. This exercise represented an ideal opportunity for USAR capability members of the Chief Fire Officers’ Association National Resilience Assurance Team to conduct evaluations using the Enquirya software.

The software was well received. Sean Moore OBE, USAR Capability Advisor, said, “The Enquirya software certainly allowed us to focus in on key areas of the exercise. We first looked at the exercise objectives and made sure that the baseline level questions were loaded onto the system, which was a very simple process. During the exercise itself it was very easy to record observations on a tablet device using the question sets as prompts, and whilst fresh in the mind. Being ruggedised, there were no issues with paper becoming wet or blowing away, and evaluators were able to capture information and data seamlessly. Finally, at the end of each session we simply uploaded the findings to populate a pre-defined report template, which saved us an immeasurable amount of time.”

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