Evaluating web-based learning applications

Enquirya’s core expertise is evaluation of policies, procedures and training system in conjunction with the automation of evaluation processes. One of the things we do is to support the evaluation of online learning applications. Our broad experience with designing and implementing user-centric interface design, information security and architecture comes in handy when evaluating these types of applications.

Recently we have worked together with the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) to evaluate the ‘New Media Learning Application’, created in the framework of the European IECEU-project (read more here). This project is financed by the European Commission in the framework of the H2020 research programme and analyses 12 EU crisis-management-operations in Europe, Africa, Middle-East en Far-East in terms of internal and external effectiveness. It also researched in what ways civil-military synergies can be achieved and how member states kan improve interoperability in the field of CSDP capabilities.

The goal of the New Media Learning Application is to offer the IECEU-research findings in a different format that paper, i.e. in the format of on an online-learning application, that is cloud-based and accessible to everyone. Part of the implementation methodology is also to evaluate the usability of this application. Two types of evaluations are implemented: (a) measuring the learning outcomes and; (b) measuring the user-experience with the application.

Enquirya supported this process with its experience in measuring the user-experience. We helped to define the evaluation criteria for user-experience, based on international standards for usability (application design). We also supported the implementation of the evaluation by using different analytical tools, among which google analytics and ‘heat-maps’ to analyse how users interact with the different web-pages of the online learning application.

In January 2018 the evaluation has been finalised and soon report can be downloaded from the IECEU-website.

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