GAP: Final Conference

The European Union H2020 funded Gaming for Peace project is at its final stages. It has developed a serious game for peacekeepers, allowing them to enhance their soft skills needed in international peacekeeping operations.

On 10 and 11 January 2019, the projects’ final conference was held in Dublin, Ireland. Participants from different countries attended presentations, screenings and interactive break out parallel sessions addressing:

  • A curriculum for the Role of Police in Peacekeeping
  • Game-based Soft Skills Learning in Different Sectors
  • Culture as a resource
  • Training Needs in Contemporary Peacekeeping Missions
  • Assessment tools to improve organisational effectiveness
  • Gender: Challenges and Benefits

Enquirya held a presentation on Tracking soft skills learning at individual and organisational level and attended the break out session on Training Needs in Contemporary Peacekeeping Missions. All sessions were very interesting and some key points were noted. One is that the rephrasing of the word ‘soft skills’ in something different could attract a larger audience. Suggestions made were for instance negotiation skills or communication skills. Perception does matter when competing with other courses.

Another key point noted was that training is just one part of the solution. When looking at how persons function in an organisation, there are number of aspects to it. Training solves issues of knowledge, skills, competences and behaviour. However, other aspects such as IT-infrastructure or practical tools cannot be solved by training.