GAP: Impressions from the Helsinki Workshop

The European Union H2020 funded Gaming for Peace project aims at delivering a serious game for peacekeepers. Its core learning objective focuses on soft skills needed in peacekeeping operations. The serious game is now up and running and is been trailed in multiple workshops in several EU member states. One of these events has been the Helsinki workshop on 25-26 September 2018.

Enquirya has been present in this workshop and we learned a lot about how the game is perceived by players and what its added value is. The workshop was hosted by Laurea University, a key consortium partner. Laurea focuses on practical research and development work in selected strategic areas, among which security and has a state-of-the-art leadership to provide solutions built on tested data.

The workshop tested the game, the assessment (in-game and out-game) and the trainers materials. The participants came from three target groups involved in peacekeeping operations around the world, i.e. military, civilian and police organisations. The group was experienced and gender diverse, which allowed for some proper testing of the solution and the underlying concepts.

The main lessons learned for Enquirya was that the game does indeed deliver, even to experienced peacekeepers, who mention that the game is a complementary tool, next to the pre-deployment lectures, that can be played before the training sessions. The game is also seen as a way to incorporate lessons learned by a larger audience and turn it into a knowledge base that can be used for training.