GAP: Lessons Learned from Out-Game Assessment Development

The European Union H2020 funded Gaming for Peace project is at its final stages. It has developed a serious game for peacekeepers, allowing them to enhance their soft skills needed in peacekeeping operations. Part of the game development has been the in-game and out-game assessment.  As Enquirya has been involved in development of the out-game assessment, which is now at its final stages, we will share two lessons learned from the process relating to the technical set-up.

The first one is that we learned that our approach of using a cloud-based evaluation solution, and customized it to the needs of the GAP-project did work. From the start it was clear that using pen and paper would not have been a scalable solution. We used licensed, dedicated iOS application that also works offline and has an automated reporting component. 

Users would answer the pre- and post- game questions on culture, gender and communication on the iPad. After both question sets have been answered, an automatic report is generated, with the aggregated pre- and post-game scores. This is mailed to the trainers and used as an input for the after game interview. 

The second one is that the chosen technical set-up, using anonymous usernames for individual players, has been useful to avoid at the piloting stages complex legal issues. As per May 2019 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has entered into force, we needed to be strict on personal data. By chosing  anonymous usernames, legal issues (e.g. setting up data processor agreements) were avoided.