GAP: Skills Passport

One of the deliverables of the European Union H2020 funded Gaming for Peace project is a skills passport. This is a complement to the serious game for peacekeepers, allowing them to enhance their soft skills needed in international peacekeeping operations.

The aim of the skills passport is to ensure that the game players are afforded a clear and measurable metric of skills standards provided (using standards linked to the EU Europass Initiative).

The intent is for this passport to be based on the principles of ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training), which entails the transfer and recognition of skills acquired through the GAP program (alongside previous soft skills attained via deployment) to be recognised alongside formal qualifications.

Upskill Enterprise is leading this work and provided a transparent and defined outcome criteria and skills competency analysis, which has been tracked and compared against International Skills Standards, as part of a harmonisation process with European legislation. Enquirya has supported Upskill with this work, by linking the skills passport to the pre- and post-game assessment report. This means that game players now get both feedback on their progress and the measurement hereof in terms of the EQF.