GAP: Developing the Trainers Manual

The European Union H2020 funded Gaming for Peace project aims at delivering a serious game for peacekeepers. Its core learning objective focuses on soft skills needed in peacekeeping operations.

An important part of the learning environment are the trainers. The game can be played anywhere, both online from home as in an educational setting, with trainers. The latter learning environment has a slight advantage in terms of supporting the players as questions can be asked. Also, a form of blended learning can be implemented with post-game interviews and discussions.

In order to facilitate the game delivery option of trainers, the GAP consortium has trailed this in August 2018. Two key activities have been implemented, i.e. (1) developing a trainers manual and; (2) holding a train-the-trainers session, where the game and manual could be trialed. 

The manual has been drafted, guiding the trainers through the process of a guided delivery of the game. It explained the set-up of the pre and post testing (questionnaires and interview), developed trainers materials such as introductory powerpoint, informed consent forms, the working of the iPads and day-programmes. It also includes reference materials.

The train-the-trainers workshop was held in Dublin in August 2018 and allowed to test the game and the trainers materials. Important lessons were learned, which allowed a further finetuning of the eductational materials and the game. These will be incorporated in a second version of the trainers manual, the game development and the skills assessment methodologies.