H2020 project Gaming for Peace

On 8 september 2016, Enquirya will be attending the kick off meeting of the GAP project in Dublin. As partner to this project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme, we will actively participate in developing a new virtual reality game to train international military and police in peacekeeping skills such as communication, cultural sensitivity and gender awareness.

The ‘Gaming for Peace’ tool will allow personnel to role-play someone of a different gender or ethnicity or who is part of a different type of organisation, leading to greater understanding, better communication and cooperation, and more optimal performance as peacebuilders.

The game will allow users to experience simulations of challenging scenarios from conflict and peacebuilding missions to learn communication and cooperation, gender awareness and cultural competency skills. Entering the game as avatars, players will roleplay as a member of another organisation, a different gender or nationality, and so will experience a variety of conflict zone scenarios from a range of different perspectives.

Enquirya is contributing to the development of this tool in a number of areas, such as:

  • Demand Analysis & Horizon Planning (undertaking an assessment of issues at play current and potential flashpoints in terms of future conflict generating scenarios which may necessitate action on the part of stakeholders);
  • Assessments metrics; and;
  • Ensuring that the skill set developed is in line with international law.

See the projects’ website.