The COVID-19 Hackers’ Mind-set white paper

Echo pilot project (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) planned to have its first Hackathon event in Rome, on February, 27th and 28th 2020. Everything had been put into place, from defining problem statements to providing event venue and setting up of an agenda. However, COVID-19 pandemic spread globally and countries had gone in lockdowns to stop the infection. People started to work remotely and it was clear that this shift from working in offices to online would have raised new cybersecurity issues. 

ECHO network decided to cancel its face-to-face Hackathon event and have an online one organised by Enquirya on April 6th, 2020: due to the new kind of cybersecurity demand, the event was focused on the COVID-19 hackers’ mind-set. 

Attendees worked on competencies like:

  • hacker profiling,
  • identifying the modus operandi of the attackers,
  • dealing with transversal/inter-sector issues and implementing mitigation measures. 

The Hackathon’s achievements were remarkable: attendees shared many good ideas. This brilliant result earned the ECHO event a white paper publication: The COVID-19 Hackers Mindset. Moreover, Enquirya’s effort in providing a structured organisation for online Hackathon events made it possible for the ECHO consortium to use the tool of the hackathon event format to discuss different topics. 

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