Data Driven
Decision Making


Key Services

With Enquirya’s state-of-the-art consultancy and software tools you can:

  • Transform your organisation with data-driven decision making
  • Use advanced analytical tools to understand what gaps in policies & procedures are
  • Benefit from our experience with crisis management organisations around Europe

Enquirya's Value Proposition

At Enquirya we have one goal: to support regional, national and international crisis and disaster management organisations to strengthen their organisational capacity and quality assurance.

To this end, we provide our customers with our specialised quality assurance consultancy and proprietary software applications. It supports crisis management organisations in analysing their operational performance, understanding where gaps are in plans, procedures and training and in making informed decisions, based on data, not opinions.

The Enquirya solution is ready-to-go, with thousands of KPI's, based on international crisis management standards and best practices. It can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. Use the advanced user-friendly platform to securely deploy your data collection plan,  get automated reports in seconds and run analysis of the aggregated data in the dashboard.

  • Could-Based and Secure

    Have access anytime, anywhere, making your work so much easier! It is also cheaper, as you reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Your evaluation data is protected with state-of-the-art back-ups and encryption and resides in a Virtual Private Network.

  • Get Insights, Fast

    Push your KPI’s through the platform to get a fast and granular and extensive insight into your organisations’ resilience, over time. Measure your compliance with (inter)national standards and best practices.

  • Easy to implement

    As the solution is cloud-based and user-friendly, customers can call us today and start working with it tomorrow. This cuts implementation costs dramatically and allows you to move ahead, fast.

Enquirya's International Network

Our international staff and network of evaluators and consultants has been involved in legislation, standardisation and ICT for over 20 years now, both at national and international level. We do understand the complexities of (inter)national crisis management and civil protection. We provide international evaluators for exercises as well as reporting support.

Contact us in any language

Questions or interested? Just drop us an email by clicking here. We are interested to learn more about your organisations' needs and discuss options. Language should not be an issue. At Enquirya we speak multiple languages, including English, German, Italian, French and Dutch.

Public Safety and Security Expertise 

We do understand the complexities of public and private (inter)national crisis management. We can comply with the need for confidentiality and high quality solutions. This comes with reasonable pricing as we know that budgets are tight and every spending is carefully reviewed.