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Our mission

Enquirya’s mission is to support all European Union actions aimed at ensuring that the Union is a safe, secure and thriving place for all. Robust internal and external security systems and processes ensure our wealth and freedom. We support the development and implementation of these systems and processes by providing consultancy services and our proprietary eQM software. 

Our services and software are tailored to the domains of cybersecurity, crisis management, civil protection and civilian-military cooperation. We keep improving our offerings by actively investing in research and innovation-fostering activities to offer our customers and partners the best possible solutions. 

Our offerings

We do understand the complexities of public and private partnerships, security and international cooperation thanks to our broad experience in working at national and European level with many different types of organisations in various security domains.  Our quality assurance software and consultancy services do deliver the added value our customers look for.

eQMS Software

Our eQMS software allows organisations to track the implementation of policies and procedures across units, teams and staff members, thus implementing the PDCA-cycle:

Plan: 1000 ready-to go KPI's, specific for incident-response in various domains, based on international standards and best practices.
Do: Advanced data-collection tools, supporting a granular online and offline data-collection, validated with evaluators and quality assurance experts.
Check: State-of-the-art analytical dashboards and dashboards reports, allowing to slice and dice the collected information in meaningful ways, leading to key insights to improve the organisation, teams and staff members.
Act: An integrated, easy-to-use, follow-up system, to transform the lessons identified in lessons learned.

Business consultancy

Our business consultancy services derive from our participation in multiple EU funded projects and service contracts, giving us an in-depth knowledge of:

Innovation and IPR Management: this key activity in EU R&D projects is not an afterthought but should be handled properly at design and execution phase, with plans, trainings and IPR registry's.
Business modelling: EU-projects deliver many outputs at different levels of technological readiness. With scoreboards and BMC we can support this process effectively.
International co-creation: by using methods such ideathons and hackatons we can foster the active co-creation in projects with partners from diverse sectors and countries.

Our R&D projects

Advanced European platform
and network of Cybersecurity
training and exercises centres

Co-funded by the European Union - ACTING — EDF-2021-CYBER


The Advanced European Platform and Network of Cybersecurity Training and Exercises Centres (ACTING) project is a 48-month initiative led by a Consortium of 28 entities from 13 European Union Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Spain). The project is jointly supported by 6 EU Member States, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal, and Spain.

It will develop a network of advanced interconnected (federated) domain oriented cyber ranges for training and exercises. It aims to incorporate sophisticated methods and techniques for simulation of users, analysis of the performance of the cyber operators, and scoring cyber security situational awareness.

Read more: https://acting-project.eu

European Network of Cybersecurity Centres and Competence Hub for Innovation

Co-funded by the EU H2020 research and innovation programme


The European Commission has, under the H2020 Program, brought together specialist expertise to form four pilot projects with the objective of connecting and sharing knowledge across multiple domains to develop a common cybersecurity strategy for Europe. ECHO is one of these four projects. The ECHO consortium consists of 30 partners from different fields and sectors including health, transport, manufacturing, ICT, education, research, telecom, energy, space, healthcare, defence & civil protection.

The main objective of ECHO is to strengthen the proactive cyber defence of the European Union, enhancing Europe’s technological sovereignty through effective and efficient multi-sector and multi-domain collaboration. The project will develop a European Cybersecurity ecosystem, to support secure cooperation and development of the European market, as well as to protect the citizens of the European Union against cyber threats and incidents.

Read more: https://echonetwork.eu

Gaming for Peace

Co-funded by the EU H2020 research and innovation programme 


The European Commission has under the H2020 Program funded the GAP project. The 36-month project with 15 partners from 7 member states, ended in January 2019. It developed a serious game, offering a 21st century environment wherein personnel within Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) can experience scenario's through role-playing either their own roles or other organisations' roles. This allows them to develop their understanding, empathy and ability to communicate and collaborate with the diverse organisations within a CPPB mission (military, police and civilians).

Read more: https://gap-project.eu

Improving the effectiveness of capabilities in EU conflict prevention

Co-funded by the EU H2020 research and innovation programme (GA No. 653371)


The European Commission has under the H2020 Program funded the IECEU (Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention). The 36-month project started in May 2015 and focused to enhance the conflict prevention capabilities. The IECEU Consortium consists of 11 partners from 7 member states, representing ) a diverse group of civilian, research and military organizations. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland). IECEU analyses the best practices and lessons learned with a view to enhance the civilian conflict prevention and peace building capabilities of EU with a catalogue of practices, new solutions and approaches.

Read more: https://ieceu-project.com

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